Unifield Three Mk. II

For many years, customers have requested a small but extremely high quality speaker system from Von Schweikert Audio. Well known for full range performance, our previous designs were often larger than most metropolitan customers could fit into a relatively small listening room. Undaunted by the limitations imposed by conventional speaker designs, we set about solving the problem.

After several years of development and utilizing the most recent advancements in driver technology, Von Schweikert Audio is pleased to announce the completion of a spectacular new speaker design. From Hong Kong to New York to London, the UniField 3 Mk2 will provide full-range performance with Super Tweeter highs and Subwoofer bass extension. Don't let the small room limit your enjoyment, audition the UniField 3 Mk2 and find out what you've been missing!

Sure, there are plenty of small speakers currently on the market, but how good are they? Our goal was to recreate the award winning sound of our $90,000 VR-9SE Mk2 in a very small package. To accomplish this, we utilized drivers with characteristics similar to those used in our flagship design, along with a time-aligned cabinet setup.

The heart of this design is a unique 5" full range driver with a forged aluminum-frame and exotic cone made from five different compounds. Since this driver has response from bass to treble, the UniField 3 Mk2 has the tonal signature of a "one way system" with all of the clarity and coherence you could desire.

The deep bass is provided by a 7" magnesium coned subwoofer in a highly damped transmission line for bass flat to 32Hz, while the upper frequencies are sweetly handled by a ribbon super tweeter with response up to 50kHz. We believe this is the best small speaker system ever to be offered to the audiophile, with a three-dimensional sound stage that is as large as life.


Frequency Response: 20Hx - 40KHz
Sensitivity: 94dB
Impedance: 6 ohms average
Recommended Power: 20 - 500 watts